About Us

Coliving by HappyFlat

HappyFlat, these are homes created FOR you and developed WITH you

These are large shared homes where everything is included for one price. Once the reservation is made, you just have to put your bags and enjoy your stay. The difference with HappyFlat is that our accommodations are mainly intended for International students and therefore adapted.

Quality houses

Everything is designed to welcome international students. They are large shared houses with large common areas, designer rooms, fully equipped kitchens, all to provide a friendly and fun environment.

Fun & adapted

We understand that you want to make the most of your time abroad. To make your stay hassle-free, we offer an easy online reservation and tour of the accommodation, a manager to address your inquiries, and in-house entertainment like a beer pong table and Netflix

More than just a brand, a community

Moving to a new city can be risky as you may end up feeling isolated. With HappyFlat, you can connect with your future roommates before moving in, attend HappyFlat events, and enjoy discounts at local bars and restaurants that are exclusive to roommates.


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